Women's underwear. What do men like?

Beautiful underwear – women present decoration. Properly chosen underwear emphasize the dignity of the figure and create a unique style, add the image of femininity and a beautiful lady – confidence. But the joy and comfort of the woman – not the only criterion when choosing the laundry. Lady sexy lingerie model chosen to please her husband. We invite you to explore the properties of women’s underwear, but to find an answer to the question: What men like?


Lingerie – This Gift Box: What was she more beautiful and colorful, the more a man desires to see what is hidden inside. As you know, male half of society comes to the delight of intrigue and love when the female form has a place for the male imagination.

WHAT UNDER like men?

While women choose sexy lingerie model, men pay attention to texture and color.

1. COLOR priority

Great interest in men awakens monotonous women erotic underwear. The most popular colors – red, black and white.

seductive RED

Most men prefer red tones in the intimate his lady’s wardrobe. A special delight of strong ground give the saturated colors (red, cherry), they are associated with sexuality, enthusiasm and passion.

Women's underwear. What do men like? women underwear

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