Trends: hot dresses in the coolest colors for the summer of 2018

Summer 2018 colors are ready to spice up our looks and make them unforgettable. If we only wear blue, black and gray in the fall of winter, this is the right season to experience a bright palette Spring Summer 2018 . Want to discover the coolest? Colors for the summer of 2018 ? So read on!


Yellow is the ultimate summer color, the perfect shade to give our outfits a little shine. Wear it in dresses and in the overall look, fitting to rather simple tones. The yellow we love? Karavan X The Blonde Salad Minidress One: The perfect color for the perfect dress for a perfect summer!


If you choose White You will not make mistakes. Totally white is the best way to add freshness to your outfits, especially when you wear them on romantic and bohemian dresses with ruffles or lace embroidery. Spring summer 2018 must have? A white slip.


The sky, the sea … we only think about beautiful and peaceful things when we talk about turquoise! How to wear it? You can mix tone-over-tone or combine with simpler tones. You can opt for a turquoise overall look, as we have done with our amazing Karavan X The blonde salad mini dress.


Fuchsia, chewing gum or antique, pink is under summer 2018 colors you can not miss. If you want to add a childlike romance to your look, make Pink the look of your look, just like a real Mean Girl would!


The hottest color is one of the coolest of the season, the perfect color when you want to create a stunning outfit. Have you ever mixed red with flowers? We tried and … that’s the result, a fantastic Karavan X The blonde salad overall look consisting of top and skirt. For us it is already a summer must be!


Are you more in emerald green or forest green ? Summer 2018 It’s not really important, because all the green shades are just so trendy. Especially with dresses, from mini to maxi!

Trends: hot dresses in the coolest colors for the summer of 2018 trends summer dresses coolest colors

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