Tights with a stocking effect

The time when women started to wear stockings, the world does not men who are absolutely indifferent to this, one of the hidden objects in a woman’s wardrobe. Stockings can transform women’s legs, visually lengthen them and make them slim. That’s why workers wear stockings oldest profession.

The male half of the population does not pull a nice sensitive gum, and that after him, and women know that and use it skillfully.

But generally speaking, most women wear stockings not seduced men, but because of aesthetic reasons. And yet, ornately decorated bodice wears like a captivating feel that gives confidence to every girl. Of course, you can not wear stockings in wind and weather, so for this reason, the designers have created a unique substitution of stockings – stockings with the effect of stocking.

Tights with a stocking effect tights stocking effect

What are pantyhose with the effect of stocking?

  • monotonous lower half is separated from above by means of a thin strip whose width is 5 cm and located in the thighs, as if the old stockings with pendant;
  • on the basis of transparent lace it is elastic, as usual, all favorite stockings;
  • nice pattern executed in the form of a flower or geometric figure with a strip perpendicular from the side, is transformed into a similar pattern, but is much wider and creates imitation lace stocking;
  • In the form of peas or other pattern decorated legs, the top turns off in a monochrome tone or low-contrast image, in stockings turning stockings;
  • imitates the tight leggings, a little above the knee, not broadband end, allowing them to combine with a rubber band at the waist.

It’s just a bit of healthy variations described pantyhose stocking effect.

Tights with a stocking effect tights stocking effect

Sometimes it is mentioned that not every woman wears stockings. By this one form of the legs is meant, the top of which was a complete and to expose the stockings, which were silicone insert, was not quite reasonable, sticking out, because not exactly attractive picture. When all the excess clamped, it started all that heaving over the rubber band.

Experts may suggest a little lower down the stockings, and then everything will come to pluck, but it should not be forgotten that not every length of dresses or skirts to do so, can afford to wear. From such a situation for such legs – it tights that bear the image of the stockings. They are very comfortable to wear at any time of the year.

Tights with a stocking effect tights stocking effect

How to wear pantyhose showing stockings

Many people believe that when the elastic stockings peek out under a skirt or dress, it is bad shape or even disappeared. However, considering these elements created for the weaker sex, this stereotype can easily be questioned. For what purpose was Ornament garter made with an extravagant bow? Is it someone who wants to hide under a long skirt? After its beauty, it is a loop for the scrutiny and envy of all to be set up. With such a wonderful tights full of skirt or a dress will mix, and the image of the doll is ready. Another excellent option may be nylon pantyhose leggings with a bandage.

Tights with a stocking effect tights stocking effect

Tights with the effect of stocking just wanted that on them was shorter skirt or shorts in combination with a T-shirt and a jacket. A drawing was delicate and started as a thin margin and passed smoothly in a beautiful pattern on the lap. And there is no vulgarity when at the fair this masterpiece, wears a short skirt and go for a visit, or walk through the streets of the city. But in plain thin tights as a stocking – not worth the risk and present for all a thin strip or pattern to see, reserving this secret for themselves.

Tights with a stocking effect tights stocking effect

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