The perfect dress for the new year BURNING TAP 2017

Agree, it commits something to. Neither the year under the auspices of this interesting animal was not spent quietly; Couple “cock and fire, is so unpredictable, full of surprises and surprised that in a meeting with theirs you must prepare thoroughly.

Want to know what to celebrate 2017 New Year? The answer: no reserved outfits puritan pictures and discreet make-up. Only the brightness, courage and lightness. The main thing – they do not overreact. But in turn.

Christmas dress

The main rule dresses for choice, as well as other elements of clothing for the 2017 meeting – flawless taste, as well as the brightness around. Agree, it is not that easy. Here are the basic rules for choosing the dress:

  • This should only be the dress. No comfortable pants and jackets. Only in the evening version of extra class.
  • The colors you need pay attention to: terracotta, green, blue, yellow, pink, red, brown, black, gold, silver. This year more than ever, it is important to choose the right color of the dress, the symbol of the message you choose and find what the dream. So the red color symbolizes strength and passion, yellow – wealth, health, blue and green – family care, gold and silver – update, prosperity, abundance.
  • Some evening dress. You may not be able to carry anywhere else. But the monkey will placate and impressive photos will look.
  • Do not be afraid shoulders and back free. If the figure allows, do not ask for the symbol of the year, and it requires. Make sure the outfit patina is not acquired by vulgarity.
  • Shiny fabric or print – what exactly approve of even the most demanding monkey. For the dress, New Year should shine. Focus on one area: skirt, chest or waist. But the focus has to be really bright. This will give the picture of the magic and uniqueness.

The perfect dress for the new year BURNING TAP 2017 perfect dress burning

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