The choice of a wedding underwear

Put the perfect picture of the wedding, the woman turns into a real queen. Dress elegantly sitting, and the bride feels comfortable in, relaxed and understand that the wedding day she is the center of the universe.

To feel luxurious and sexy at the same time, not enough, just to pick a nice wedding dress and put on the matching accessories. An important aspect is the choice of Classic, erotic, luxurious, romantic – that makes a picture successful in such an unforgettable day as the wedding!


The first rule when choosing a lingerie for the wedding – it should not be noticeable under her dress. Bows and ruffles on the bodice on shorts should not “appear” after the wedding dress. Bedding is not recognizable if the color and density of the fabric clothes will dominate the shade and material panties and bra. It is best to try to buy it under the basic equipment.

The second rule – do not buy underwear with many ornaments. Rhinestone, ruffles, lace and suspender may be suitable on the wedding night, but during the day they will spoil the look of the bride “the way” out of the dress. If you really want to surprise the groom, you can take a nice erotic underwear and change them after the party.

The third rule is the right choice of size. Any comfort can be discussed if the underwear is more or less the smaller. Brides who are ashamed of their shape, pay attention to the reel beautiful linen – it is able to easily adjust the total number.

The fourth rule – no savings! If there is no pity on the dress of the money, and the laundry is necessary to allocate a reasonable amount. High quality products are never sold at a low price! When the bride wears luxurious and expensive clothes, she feels safe and sexy – as psychologists confirm. High quality bra and panties will make the look of the bride look more worthy.

Popular brands UNDER WEDDING

, Etam, INCANTO, Collete Dinnigan – This is not a complete list of companies that manufacture wedding underwear. On which brand to stay?


The choice of a wedding underwear wedding underwear choice

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