How to choose shoes: what to look for?

CHOICE shoes – the eternal dilemma for every woman

The love of the beautiful half of humanity in the beautiful shoes sometimes looks like an obsession. We can collect the shoes, sandals and ballerinas in unimaginable quantities, but how does it often happen that each season brings with it a fresh new thing, which then collect dust in the closet! And all because we do not know how to choose the shoes so that they fit the garment, and the legs are not rubbed, and the mood lifted!

HOW TO CHOOSE SHOES – not only beautiful but also safe?

Many women do not wear shoes for the simple reason that they are unable to get a shoe in accordance with the structural characteristics of their feet. Someone skilfully runs on high heels, and someone does not do two steps in such shoes.

And heels and wedge and absolutely flat sole can cause discomfort – it all depends on the shape of the foot woman. It is believed that the most health benefits (and hence – and comfortable) are the so-called physiological shoes: they have a stable heel height of 3-4 cm and a blunt tip. Alas, how useful would such a shoe be, our compatriot is not much of a favor.

If all the same with physiological shoes you have no intention to put, replacing them with models in high heels and wedges, remember that doctors spend in shoes with heels higher than 7 inches of not more than two hours recommend. Wearing high heels is constantly leading to the fact that the shape of the foot can change, which can lead to problems with the spine and internal organs. So remember, ladies: high heels do not wear every day.

Choice of shoes by color CLOTHING

Black and Cream Shoes – Every self-respecting girl must have because they are suitable for most outfits. But sometimes you want brighter to handle something – especially if all the other components of the picture are designed in rich tones!

How to choose shoes: what to look for? shoes choose

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