Month: December 2018


30 elegant shoulder tattoos for women with style

So you’re a woman who’s thinking about getting a new tattoo, but not sure where to put it. The choices…

36 stunning watercolor flower tattoos

There is nothing better than a flower watercolor tattoo that was done right. The soft, edgeless lines and bleeding colors…

28 miniature animal tattoos for women

Here you are! The dream tattoos of any animal lover – not to mention the most adorable little tattoo designs…

45 beautiful floral tattoos for women

Flowers for women? Not exactly groundbreaking, we know, but on the other hand, there are few tattoo designs that can…

35 stunning butterfly tattoo designs for women

In the 6 short years since Instagram, users have uploaded over 100k photos of butterfly tattoos. This brings the butterfly…

35 X-Ray Flower Tattoos that will take your breath away

Sure floral tattoos are beautiful in every style, but when they are colored on the x-ray, things get a bit…

43 amazing arrow tattoo designs for men and women

For some inexplicable reason, arrow tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs. Maybe it’s her seductive slender appearance or…

7 stilvolle Riemchensandalen für die Saison

      root 23 Haziran 2018 Schuhe 1 Views Sandalen für diese Jahreszeit sind beide verschieden und stilvoll. Von…

7 Celebrity ‘Chic Platform Sandals for Shining

Platform sandals are stylish and modern. Under the platform sandals, open square toe sandals are simple but portable. With open,…

40+ super finger tattoos for men and women

There has always been a discussion about whether finger tattoos are a good idea or not. Why do you ask?…

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